Time To Go Organic

by Narjice Basaran on March 13, 2021

You are eating cleaning, drinking more water and using less plastic... Whats the next thing on your list for clean living inside and out?

Organic Skincare!

So what are you looking for when you go "Natural" & "Organic" with your skincare? Really it's all about escaping the toxins that start in your face cream and end up in your blood stream. With so many brands throwing round terms like simple skincare and organic essential, are they really organic and are they really simple?

It's key to remember that unlike food and medicine, the skincare industry isn't governed and most products self certify are organic so make sure you are taking a closer look at the ingredients in your skincare products and making informed decisions before you buy your next skincare product.

The Lixir Bay team believe in organic skincare products as part of a healthier lifestyle and hope you'll enjoy our new certified range of products!